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TRAINERS: TripleP (Israel) & Modcom (Kenya)
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Modcom Institute ( and Israeli Cyber Educators -Cybint ( join forces to provide SECURE CODING TRAINING using Cybint's Hands-On Simulator-Labs.

Secure coding is one of the most critical elements of the software development lifecycle hence, Developers, organizations and tertiary institutions must develop robust secure coding policies and procedures. This helps to mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the software product development process.

Hence, secure coding is one of the current most sought training by developers and educators in equal measure.

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Large and small companies are currently facing a critical stage. Cyber-attacks have transformed dramatically over the past few years. Unfortunately, organizations are still being breached too often, and are under more pressure than ever to secure their systems.
ThinkCyber ( an Israeli based organization has partnered with Modcom Institute of Technology ( to conduct intense cybersecurity trainings. This key partnership will help address cyber issues faced by the local companies in Kenya and Africa as a whole. The partnership has been endorsed by The Embassy of Israel: Trade and Economic Mission of Israel to Kenya.
ThinkCyber has a good reputation in addressing cyber challenges and is recognized across the world, for the first time, the organization’s cyber experts will be visiting Africa in Nairobi Kenya to conduct high-end cybersecurity workshop. Similar intense workshops have been successfully organized for large enterprises and organizations all over the world including the Israel Police (Cybercrime unit), the Israel Defense Forces, police forces in South East Asia; Microsoft’s Research & Development Center in Israel, several universities in Singapore and India, IT companies in Singapore, security agencies from Europe, some military units from Africa, SCADA Infrastructure Consulting and training, companies from Japan and more.

The main objective of the workshop is to address cyber challenges experienced at the highest level. It will cover various attack techniques and how to defend against them. By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to run and maintain a secure network, protect data, manage vulnerabilities, implement strong access control measures, and regularly monitor the network for inconsistencies.
The course sets the groundwork for a later specialization in cyber forensics, advanced cyber defense and penetrating testing. The training is applicable to businesses across all sectors including banking industry as well as government entities operating critical infrastructure such as electricity, water, transportation, healthcare, together with law enforcement, intelligence, justice and the defense sectors.
Key highlights of the workshop:
Major Topics to be covered

Network Security &Forensics, Permissions and Packets, Website and Cyber security, Further Cyber security vectors, Network Cyber security, Network Attacks, Further Network Cyber security, Principles of Network Management, Network Monitoring and Steganography.

This training will help you:

1. Become familiar with the cyber threat landscape that modern organizations face.
2. Acquire the knowledge and tools to defend the corporate network.
3. Be able to identify when attacks are happening on the network.
4. Test networks and systems for vulnerabilities.
5. Defend against cyber-attacks particularly on the web.
6. Become familiar with a variety of available tools for performing security-related tasks.
7. Acquire upgrading response capabilities to cyber-attack event.
8. Learn controlling methods to deal with threats.

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